AnthroCoon's Furry Con Audio

An interview with author Mark Arnold by me (Bob Anthrocoon Nelson) and Aaron B on
Talking about Turtles, Monkees, classic cartoons, Mad, Cracked and more.
Author of Not Just Happy Together, Allllvin!!!, Think Pink, Picks On the Beatles Total Television

Dig Up the Roots audio--cool cartoon music

Snagglepuss in Fraidy Cat Lion
New! Audio files of Furcationland 2024 Portland ME going up

History of Moxie
Pass the Yen
Talk About
Anthrocoon's Classic Cartoons
Furry Feud
Feedback (Scritch & Bitch)
Closing Pt 1
Closing Pt 2
Greymuzzles Yelling At The Clouds

New! Audio files of ANTHRO NEW ENGLAND 2024

Classic Cartoons with Anthrocoon

Closing --sorry for sound quality
Jeopardy pt 1
Jeopardy Pt 2
Massachusetts--A Wickid Pissah Primer
Joys of Movie Watching
Pass the Yen
Ponder's 50s-60s Dance Party
Press Your Luck
Running a Con with Giza
Runt Wah Musicians Info
Tofte (partial, far away
Wheel of Fortune

New! Audio files of Furpocalypse 2023


Jewish Furry Life

Furry Feud

Chain Reaction

Press Your Luck

New! Audio files of Furrydelphia 2023

Beastars And You

Furry Feud

Classic Cartoons with Anthrocoon (1 hr 40 min)

Joe Strike Furry Nation to Furry Planet

Furry History w Brer Badger

Jonah Scott (Legoshi) Voice Acting

Opening Ceremonies


Mental Health

Part of Cards Against Humanity

Furry Marching Band

(Unable to get Closing Ceremonies as I was doing my own panel)

Running A Con

Part of Furryz Got Talent

New! Audio files of Anthrocon 2023 from Pittsburgh

Opening Ceremonies

Zootopia: The Fan Discussion --Highwing & Anthrocoon

Classic Cartoons with Anthrocoon

Press Your Luck

Closing Ceremonies

Part of Legal Funhouse Boozy/Alkali

Joe Strike From Furry Nation To Furry Planet

Fursuit Price is Right


Historical Furry Comics

Tofte Fox Tales From Reynard to Robin

Furry Historical Preservation

New! Audio files from Furcationland 2023 in Portland ME

Classic Cartoons with Anthrocoon

Furry Feud


Opening Ceremony

Short Folks For Hope Charity

Your First Con/ Con 101

Masquerade talent show

Pass The Yen

Press Your Luck/Whammy

Closing Ceremonies

More to come

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